The Australian screen industry generates more than $3 billion per annum, according to a new report into the sector.

Commissioned by Screen Australia, Screen Currency offers the first comprehensive assessment of the economic, social and cultural worth of the nation’s film and television sector, together with the spin-off benefits for things such as tourism.

The report shows that the creation of homegrown screen content provides around $3 billion annually to the local economy, generating in excess of 25,000 jobs. In addition, Australian feature films, TV dramas and documentaries earn at least $252 million annually through exports, while it is estimated that approximately 230,000 international tourists visit Australia or extend their stay each year as a consequence of Australian screen content.

Screen industry is a $3 billion business

Arts Minister Mitch Fifield says: “The screen industry’s contribution to GDP, jobs and other sectors such as tourism is impressive enough, but the report further informs what we already instinctively know about Australian screen stories: they have a value that is more than entertainment.”

Screen Australia CEO Graeme Mason adds: “It’s no accident Chris Hemsworth is the face of Tourism Australia’s latest international campaign. Our talent behind and in front of the cameras is one of Australia’s greatest assets, with ambassadors like Cate Blanchett, Nicole Kidman, Baz Luhrmann and George Miller representing Australia’s screen industry front and centre on the world stage.”

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Screen industry is a $3 billion business