Brian Dennehy and Irma P. Hall will star in the second season of Hap and Leonard, which commences production next week.

Based on the cult novels of Joe R. Lansdale (Cold In July), the swamp noir TV series is set in the ‘80s and follows the adventures of lifelong best pals, Hap Collins (James Purefoy, The Following), an East Texan good ol’ boy with a weakness for Southern women, and Leonard Pine (Michael K. Williams, Boardwalk Empire), a gay, black Vietnam vet with a hot temper.

Season one of Hap and Leonard – which screened earlier this year on Foxtel – was inspired by the first novel in the series, Savage Season, while the new series is adapted from Lansdale’s second book in the series Mucho Mojo.

Veteran character actor Dennehy joins the series as Valentine Otis, the sheriff and all-around boss-hog in Marvel Creek, while Hall (Soul Food, The Ladykillers) will play MeMaw, the neighborhood matriarch and a confidant to Hap and Leonard.

Sadly, no word yet, however, on when the first series of Hap and Leonard will be out on DVD.