You’re in Springfield, you’re hungry, and sometimes a Krusty Burger just isn’t appealing. You want a swanky dining experience, so here’s our guide to ten of the finest Springfield eateries – all of which are, of course, doing takeaway at the moment…

Springfield eateries - Asia de Cuba

Asia de Cuba
Episode: Loan-a-Lisa (Season 22)

Fancy some roast beef, and don’t mind paying through the nose? Asia de Cuba is a good bet – plus it offers an incredible view over Springfield. However, if you have any Homers in your party, it may be wise not to mention the chocolate fountain. MMMmmm, chocolate fountain – UNGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!


Springfield eateries - El Chemistri

El Chemistri
Episode: The Food Wife (Season 23)

Food. It’s so boring and food-shaped, right? Not at the tres exclusive El Chemistri, where food is stripped down to its molecules in their laboratory kitchen and reconstituted – albeit often into the exact same shape that it started in. But hey, did we mention how exclusive it is? You’d better be somebody if you want to eat here.


Springfield eateries -The Gilded Truffle

The Gilded Truffle
Episode: Bart the Lover (Season 3)

A posh place to arrange a date with a teacher, but not the most appealing if you have kids. Hey, there’s always Up, Up and Buffet! just across the street. We recommend the lobster stuffed with tacos – their finest food stuffed with their second finest. Ooh, stuffed!


Springfield eateries - The Happy Sumo

The Happy Sumo
Episode: One Fish, Two Fish, Blowfish, Blue Fish (Season 2)

Japanese is always a great choice if you’re peckish, and The Happy Sumo delivers (literally and figuratively) – plus, karaoke! If you’re feeling brave, they also serve fugu. What’s fugu? It’s an absolute fishy delicacy, but if prepared incorrectly it can be fatal. Luckily Master Sushi Chef is on hand, and is a pro with the old Ginsu.


Springfield eateries - The Loin King

The Loin King
Episode: The Man in the Blue Flannel Pants (Season 23)

Would you like a pun with your meal? Sure thing! While not the most upscale restaurant in town, it does have that delightfully puntastic name – and steak! Uh, we’re running out of stuff here – erm, it’s also a great place for meeting a mayor, should that be a requirement. Yes, yes that will do nicely.


Springfield eateries - Malaria Zone

Malaria Zone
Episode: My Sister, My Sitter (Season 8)

OK, so their marketing people aren’t the sharpest machetes in the jungle, but get past the name and you’ll enter a whole explorer-themed world of foodie fun! Find it at Springfield’s sensational Squidport, down at the waterfront.


Springfield eateries - The Pimento Grove

The Pimento Grove
Episode: A Fish Called Selma (Season 7)

Like to do a bit of celebrity spotting while you pay a fortune for a fine meal? Then The Pimento Grove could have been purpose-built for you! Who knows, you may even run into famous folk like Barry White, Leonard Nimoy, Johnny Carson, Adam West or Elizabeth Taylor! (Ed: We really must update this guide sometime).


Springfield eateries - Sit-n-Rotate

Episode: Principal Charming (Season 2)

Hey, it isn’t food poisoning, the room really is spinning! The vista from this tower-top restaurant is beautiful, inspirational and sometimes nauseating. If you have a hankering for mushroom with a view (along with other delicacies, of course) then it’s a must try – as long as you have a strong stomach. Not recommended for a boy named Wendell.


Springfield eateries - Swankyfish

Episode: What Animated Women Want (Season 24)

If you haven’t got the guts to be in the same room as The Happy Sumo’s fugu, then this alternate Japanese restaurant makes a fine, erm, alternative. As the name implies, it caters for upmarket types (not just posh gill-bearing aquatic craniate animals) – but carefully consider your options before reaching for the soy sauce.


Springfield eateries - You Thai Now

You Thai Now
Episode: Lisa the Tree Hugger (Season 12)

It may not be the swishest joint in town, but sometimes you’ve a hankering for a fine chicken pad Thai and just have to take your chances. We’re sure that proprietor Mr Thai whips up a fine one as, after all, his name is in its title. (Look, we really didn’t research this guide very well at all, but hey, Thai food – hooray!)

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