Gerry Anderson is best known for the Thunderbirds, but he also created the high-concept British sci-fi series Space 1999 with wife Sylvia, which ran for two seasons in 1975–77. 

The show follows the crew of Moonbase Alpha, who are hurtled into deep space when the moon is blown out of Earth’s orbit following a nuclear explosion – and all kinds of alien threats are waiting for them…

Starring the late, great Martin Landau as leader John Koenig and his then-wife Barbara Bain as medical officer Helena Russell, the cast also includes Barry Morse as science officer Victor Bergman and Aussie actor Nick Tate as hotshot pilot Alan Carter. And the special guest star list is long and distinguished, including Christopher Lee, Peter Cushing, Joan Collins, Julian Glover, Patrick Troughton, Judy Geeson and Ian McShane among many other great British thesps.

Imprint Television brings all 48 episodes to Blu-ray in a Deluxe Hardbox Ultimate Edition limited to 2000 copies, with each episode digitally remastered from the original 35mm film elements. Extras include a 48-page booklet, audio commentaries on selected episodes, featurettes, interviews, image galleries and much more.

Also available as a Complete Series DVD set, this is an absolute must-have for sci-fi and cult TV fans.