It’s STACK‘s Friday Flick time, where each week we recommend some classic viewing that’s sure to get your weekend off to a great start. This week, it’s Creepshow.

Titans of terror Stephen King and George A. Romero joined forces in 1982 for this tongue-in-cheek anthology film that pays homage to the classic horror comics of the 1950s.

The best of the five stories  – scripted by King – are ‘They’re Creeping Up on You’, in which a germophobe’s luxury penthouse is overrun by cockroaches; ‘Father’s Day’ – a tale of revenge from beyond the grave (with cake!); and ‘The Crate’, involving a henpecked husband’s plot to feed his abrasive wife to a hungry creature under the stairs. Look out, too, for Leslie Nielsen, Stephen King, Adrienne Barbeau, Hal Holbrook and Ed Harris amongst the quality cast. Quintessential ’80s horror, a true cult classic, and perfect for a Friday fright night.

Four reasons why Creepshow rocks:

1. “I want my cake!”

2. The lurid, comic-book production design.

3. Stephen King turning into an alien weed.

4. “Just tell it to call you Billie.”

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