It’s STACK‘s Friday Flick time, where each week we recommend some classic viewing that’s sure to get your weekend off to a great start. This week, it’s Evil Dead II.

Sam Raimi’s The Evil Dead was “the ultimate experience in gruelling terror” and a rite of passage viewing for ’80s teenagers. In a move that took many fans by surprise, the sequel swapped the visceral horror of the groundbreaking original for a more slapstick – make that ‘splatstick’ – tone, resulting in an instant cult classic that resembles a demented cartoon.

Kicking off more or less where the original ended (following a revisionist prologue to bring viewers up to speed), hero Ash (Bruce Campbell) is now struggling with his own demonic possession, which rapidly gets out of hand – literally. When a group of strangers arrive, one with the missing pages from the Book of the Dead that can banish the evil, the race is on to recite the passages as eyeballs and souls are swallowed, corpses dance, and something nasty awakens in the fruit cellar…

Both a knockout sequel and a parody of the first film, Evil Dead II is arguably better than the original, and Raimi uses every trick in the VFX manual – from stop-motion animation and prosthetics to puppets and time-lapse – to deliver a gobsmacking rollercoaster ride. Groovy!

Four reasons why Evil Dead II rocks:

1. Ash vs. his possessed hand.

2. The breakneck camerawork and demon POV shots.

3. “I’ll swallow your soul.”

4. “Hail he who has come from the skies to deliver us from the terror of the deadites!”

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