It’s STACK‘s Friday Flick time, where each week we’ll recommend a slice of top movie viewing that’s sure to get your weekend off to a great start. This week, it’s Monty Python’s The Meaning of Life.

Why are we here, what’s life all about? Is God really real, or is there some doubt? Well tonight we’re going to sort it all out…

Well, not quite. The Monty Python team don’t give us any definitive answers, but they do deliver consistent belly laughs while exploring the human condition from ‘The Miracle of Birth’ to ‘Death’ – with less philosophical segues like ‘Live Organ Transplants’ and fantastic musical numbers sandwiched in between.

Presented in the sketch comedy format of the troupe’s Flying Circus television series, The Meaning of Life was the last Python movie to feature all six members, and is a hilarious reminder of their comic genius.

Four reasons why The Meaning of Life rocks:

1. “Every sperm is sacred.”

2. The corpulent Mr. Creosote and a wafer-thin mint.

3. Sex education class. 

4. The Grim Reaper crashes a dinner party.

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