It’s STACK‘s Friday Flick time, where each week we’ll recommend a slice of classic movie viewing that’s sure to get your weekend off to a great start. This week, it’s Pulp Fiction.

Arguably Quentin Tarantino’s finest film to date, this violent, hip and ultra-quotable cinematic portmanteau from 1994 played by its own rules, resurrected John Travolta’s career, and dragged quirky cult cinema kicking and cursing into the mainstream.

With a non-linear plot of intersecting narrative threads that ultimately tie the whole thing together, it’s a case of which segment is your favourite. Is it Honey Bunny (Amanda Plummer) and Pumpkin (Tim Roth) in the diner; hitmen Vincent and Jules (Travolta and SLJ); Vincent’s adrenalised date with Mia Wallace (Uma Thurman); boxer Butch (Bruce Willis), Marcellus Wallace (Ving Rhames) and the gimp; or “The Bonnie Situation”? There’s also the matter of which line you most like to quote…

Four reasons why Pulp Fiction rocks:

1. Royale with cheese.  

2. “Bring out the gimp.”

3. The adrenaline shot.

4. Christopher Walken’s Gold Watch monologue.

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