It’s STACK‘s Friday Flick time, where each week we recommend a movie that’s sure to get your weekend off to a great start. This week, it’s Razorback.

“It’s got two states of being: dangerous or dead!”

In between directing Duran Duran music videos and becoming a Hollywood gun for hire, Russell Mulcahy delivered this hog wild Ozploitation classic about a Volkswagen-sized feral pig that terrorises the outback. “Jaws with trotters” was the general consensus, and Razorback also added a porcine twist to the Azaria Chamberlain incident when the beast snatches Bill Kerr’s grandson in the pre-credit sequence, leading to a Moby Dick-like vendetta. Elsewhere, an American animal activist (Judy Morris) has been devoured following a run-in with lecherous local roo shooters (Chris Hayward and David Argue), and her husband (Gregory Harrison) arrives Down Under to experience some Wake in Fright hospitality and confront a rampaging monster swine. Irresistibly ridiculous and luridly realised with MTV-style visuals, Razorback is one of the great guilty pleasures of Australian cinema, and the recent 4K restoration for Blu-ray will blow you away.

Four reasons why Razorback rocks:

1. The monster hog – a reasonably convincing animatronic creation whose appearance is wisely kept to a minimum.   

2. Bill Kerr, providing more ham than his oversized nemesis.

3. The trippy visual design, utilising colour filters, smoke machines in overdrive, and more backlighting than Eurovision.

4. The even trippier desert sequence, where giant crystals grow and horse skeletons crawl out of the dirt!?

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