It’s STACK‘s Friday Flick time, where each week we’ll recommend a slice of top movie viewing that’s sure to get your weekend off to a great start. This week, it’s The Hangover.

What better weekend to get into this classic comedy flick when the Tigers take on the Cats, and whether their team wins or loses, many will be feeling decidedly seedy on Sunday morning?

A groom and three groomsmen head to Las Vegas for a bachelor party that they’ll never forget. The only problem is that they do forget it, and there’s a trail of destruction behind them including a tiger, a baby, a quickie wedding, a missing tooth and, of course, a missing groom…

The Hangover

Four reasons why The Hangover rocks:

1. The tiger.

2. Mike Tyson does Phil Collins.

3. “Tigers love pepper. They hate cinnamon.”

4. Genuinely funny and clever stuff mixed perfectly with just enough raunch.

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