Omnipotent superbeing or galactic pest? John de Lancie’s mischievous Q created no end of mischief for Picard and crew, but this immensely popular character also provided the series with some of its most memorable (and amusing) moments…


Q WHO (Season 2)
To shake Picard out of his complacency and demonstrate that the universe is a dangerous place, Q catapults the Enterprise into deep space for an encounter with the Borg.


DEJA Q (Season 3)
He may have turned up on the Enterprise in his birthday suit, but Q bounced back with a salsa band that would make Herb Alpert beg for mercy.


QPID (Season 4)
Repaying a debt to Picard, Q transports the crew to Nottingham, where a reluctant Jean-Luc plays Robin Hood and Worf is “not a merry man”.


TAPESTRY (Season 6)
Q provides a dying Picard the opportunity to change his past and discover what can happen if you sleep with the wrong people. “Was it good for Q?”


Q played an important role in the final TNG episode, bookending the series with a return to the trial at Farpoint and his very first encounter with Picard.

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