Back in 1986 a game called Rampage hit arcades around the world. In it, three giant creatures – a gorilla, a lizard and a wolf – pretty much destroyed everything in sight.

It was awesome!

Fast forward to the present and Hollywood has decided that the adventures of George, Lizzie and Ralph would be great fodder for an action flick. So, Rampage is due for release in 2018, with none other than action supremo Dwayne Johnson starring, alongside Naomie Harris, Malin Akerman, Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Joe Manganiello.

Filming has commenced, and the big lug took to Instagram to give us a few more details.

“I head up an anti-poaching unit out of Rwanda,” says Johnson. “My best friend is a rare albino gorilla named, George. Very bad people infect George, an alligator and a wolf with a serum. All three animals grow at an unprecedented rate. Their size, speed, agility and violent aggression is off the charts. They go on a deadly rampage and want to destroy the world.”

“George not happy. Me not happy,” he continues. “When animals like you, they lick you. When they don’t like you, they kill you. I will hunt down the bad people who did this to my best friend. And when I find them, I will not lick them.”

Basically jamming King Kong, Godzilla and, erm, a really bloody big werewolf together in one movie and letting them loose to wreak havoc? Bring the Rampage on!