Heading in-store to look for a new TV can be daunting, so here’s a quick guide to the latest in television tech from LG.

Look at that massive wall, full of screens beaming big and bright images at you – where do you start? Then there’s the lingo – Ultra HD, Super UHD, LED, OLED… However, it doesn’t all have to be too brain-busting.

Before leaving home, you’ll want to determine what size will fit in the space you want the new TV to go. Also, will you be using the TV’s sound, or running it through a receiver? Then it’s time to head in-store.

TV technology has made leaps and bounds ever in the past couple of years, with 4K technology leading the way. Put simply, 4K refers to the amount of “dots” that make up the image. As more dots equals a better image, and this is four times the resolution of even the previously high-tech Full HD, that gives you cracking picture quality.

LG offers a range of 4K televisions for all budgets, starting with the UM76 series. These are LED screens, meaning that there are lights behind the screen to make your picture “pop”. If you have a small-ish space to fill, the range starts at a 43″ screen, or if space is no object they go right up to a whopping 86″. These all feature HDR support for an extra wide range of dark to light, as supported by many movies nowadays. They also feature LG’s funky Magic remote, which works much like a laser pointer, plus DTS Virtual: X sound – no more tinny TV speaker sound!

If you’re looking for a larger screen and wish to up the feature list a tad, the SM86 series just may be your ticket. Available in 55″ and 65″ sizes, these feature “Nano Cell” technology, which delivers more vivid, eye-catching colour and a wider viewing angle. They have edge-lit, local dimming LEDs inside, giving the TV more control over light and dark, and you can even talk to them via Google Assistant via your Magic Remote!

If you’re after the pinnacle of image quality, there’s no beating OLED. LG have been leaders in developing OLED technology, which to sum up simply allows every single dot that makes up an image – over eight million of them for 4K – to be controlled individually by the TV – there’s no backlighting. So, if you like your blacks to be perfect black, this is the tech to get as if a scene calls for blackness, the corresponding dots aren’t lit. When you add all of LG’s other premium features like Magic Remote, Dolby Vision HDR support and even Dolby Atmos sound, LG’s C9 series of OLEDs in 55″ and 65″ give the best bang for buck in the field of 4K television.

Pop into your local JB Hi-Fi and speak with their friendly and helpful TV experts about the range of LG television options.