Every movie franchise has something that it hangs its promotional hat on, and in the case of Mission: Impossible it’s Tom Cruise’s very real stunts. Here’s a look at five from the new film, Mission: Impossible – Fallout.

As Simon Pegg – aka Benji – says in the featurette below, “They’re genuinely risking their lives to entertain people, which is incredibly valiant – and daft.”

The first stunt is “The Long Line”, where Tom dangles from a helicopter, again. Then there’s “The Downward Spiral”, where Tom pilots a chopper for real in an apparently rather risky manoeuvre. Then there’s a trip to Paris for the self-explanatory, helmet-free (don’t do that at home – or anywhere else – kids) “The Motorcycle Chase”, what is now infamous in “The Rooftop Jump”, where Tom actually broke his foot, and “The Halo Jump”, which is just pure insanity.

So, is Tom Cruise nuts? We reckon so, but it sure makes for fun action movie viewing!

Mission: Impossible – Fallout opens in Australia on August 2.

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