This SyFy mini-series is an adaptation of the great Arthur C. Clarke’s 1953 novel (his third) of the same name.

Spacecraft arrive V-style, hovering over Earth’s major cities and freezing aircraft mid-flight. A Missouri farmer (Cloverfield‘s Mike Vogel) is chosen to be the human liaison for these alien Overlords, who want to eliminate Earth’s problems (famine, war, etc.) rather than us. But what do they want in return? Childhood’s End isn’t your everyday alien invasion epic: there’s a lot more going on here, as you would expect from Clarke. It may not be 2001, but it’s still a solid, thought-provoking sci-fi tale.

Release Date:  5 April 2017
Format:  DVD  Blu-ray
Starring: Mike Vogel, Charles Dance, Daisy Betts

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