Release Date: 24 August 2016
Format DVD Blu-ray

Starring: Hunter Page- Lochard, Ryan Corr, Tysan Towney

Clever-Man-dvD_big“Aussie” and “sci-fi” aren’t words that go together often enough, so when a superb entry enters the sparsely-filled fray, it’s cause to get excited – and six-parter Cleverman is exciting.

Set in a near-future Sydney where a new species of super-strong hirsute humanoids are discovered, and quickly shuttered into a small ghetto labelled “The Zone”, the concept is plucked from tales of the Dreaming – as is the series’ titular hero (Hunter Page-Lochard). The Cleverman is basically a conduit between the Dreaming and the present, and possesses powers such as regeneration when injured. Touching upon themes from brotherhood to racism, border protection and beyond, Cleverman really is clever, man.

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