review quarry complete first seasonTapping into the post-Vietnam War disillusionment of under-rated ’70s thrillers like Who Will Stop The Rain and Rolling Thunder, the latest opus from HBO offshoot Cinemax  is a bleak and gritty crime drama that also makes some still timely points about the way US army veterans are treated when they return home.

Based on the books by Max Allan Collins, Logan Marshall-Green plays Mac Conway, a marine who returns to his hometown of Memphis with his best pal Arthur (Jamie Hector) after both have been discharged from the army following their involvement in a massacre of innocent citizens. Although both were exonerated, they find it difficult to find work and Mac is duly contacted by a mysterious man called The Broker (Peter Mullan) who wants to employ him as a hitman. He turns him down, but Arthur gratefully accepts the job and his friend reluctantly agrees to help him. However, their first assignment goes horribly wrong and Arthur is killed, forcing Mac – now renamed Quarry by The Broker – to step into his dead pal’s shoes to pay off the latter’s debt to his short-lived employer.

Marshall-Green makes for a believably tortured vet and there is also strong support from the likes of Damon Herriman as a gay fellow assassin and Jodi Balfour as Mac’s wife, who is unwittingly drawn into his dangerous new life. The ‘70s settings are beautifully evoked, too, and Quarry also serves as a wonderful celebration of the rich music culture of Memphis. The tantalizing finale sets the scene for what could be a fascinating second season – let’s just hope that Cinemax give it the green light.

Release Date: 15 February 2017
Format:  DVD Blu-ray
Starring: Logan Marshall-Green, Peter Mullan, Jodi Balfour