Release Date: 2 November 2016
Format:  DVD
south_park_s19Starring: Kyle, Stan, Cartman, Kenny

Over the past nineteen years, South Park has prided itself on being as politically incorrect as possible, which is one the reasons we love it. So when the school gets a new frat boy principal, who tries to force his PC values on the students, the you-know-what is headed for the fan. Moreover, the arrival of grocery giant Whole Foods and new hipster district SodoSopa threatens to gentrify the town – but not if the boys have anything to do with it! This is the first full season to use a serialised format, and the PC arc takes aim at everyone from Donald Trump to Caitlyn Jenner. The insidious nature of online advertising is also taken to ludicrous – and brilliant – extremes, but you’d expect nothing less from Trey Parker and Matt Stone, whose sharp satire remains as caustic as ever.

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