Writing about the second half of Vikings’ fourth season without spoilers is like trying to predict what Floki will do next – difficult, but here goes…

Ragnar Lothbrok has returned but it’s his sons who take centre stage in these ten episodes, in particular the blue-eyed and brooding Ivar, who may be crippled but is no less dangerous than his brothers – perhaps more so. Lagertha attempts to reclaim Kattegat from Queen Aslaug, while Rollo, now a French noble, feels the stirring of his Viking blood when Bjorn arrives with an offer he can’t refuse. And over in Wessex, Ragnar makes a deal with King Ecbert that will have dire repercussions for Englishmen and Norsemen alike. A word of warning – Vikings is just as ruthless as Game of Thrones when it comes to culling cast members, so be prepared to bid farewell to a few familiar faces by season’s end.

Release Date: 29 March
Format:  Blu-ray DVD
Starring: Katheryn Winnick, Travis Fimmel, Gustaf Skarsgard

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