Ty Burrell accepts he is going to be seeing Finding Dory a lot more at home.

The Modern Family star, who provides the voice of Bailey the beluga whale, says his kids are already big fans of the Disney animated hit, which is out tomorrow (November 16) on DVD and Blu-ray.

“As a family, we love movies,” Burrell says. “In fact, we have a movie night every Friday at home. Finding Nemo was part of that, and now Finding Dory will be involved. My kids saw the movie at a screening and they loved it. That won’t be the last time they’ll want to see it!”

The comedy star is also keen on locating some of the Easter eggs and secret movie references Pixar animators traditionally hide within their films “ I think I know one of the Easter eggs,” Burrell says. “My friend was saying that she thought she saw a character from Inside Out looking through the glass in the Marine Life Institute. That might be one! I can’t wait to try and find more…”

Ty Burrell

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