Since DVD first hit we’ve become used to having behind the scenes access to movies. But now we get to have a look around while watching – and, as this visit to The Last Jedi attests, it’s brilliant!

While the subject is John Williams’ majestic score – and the man himself plus director Rian Johnson talk about it plenty – it’s the other stuff in this creation from VR studio SunnyBoy Entertainment that’s really thrilling.

Check out all the behind the scenes goings-on that creates the magic! See familiar characters when their guard is down! Join the orchestra! Thrill at a whole heap of green screens!

Have we hyped it enough?

Just use your finger if you’re touch-screening it, or grab a bit of the picture with your mouse pointer to move around in what we guess could be called virtual VR.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi is available NOW to take home and watch in your home cinema.

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