A young Muslim guy goes into an abattoir… That’s an oversimplified plot summation of what looks to be a great fun new Irish comedy flick, Halal Daddy.

We think it’s actually law that Colm Meaney (The Commitments, The Van) stars in every Irish flick, and he doesn’t let his country down here. He’s both the father of young Raghdan Aziz’s (Nikesh Patel, London Has Fallen) girlfriend, and eventual business partner in running an abattoir.

The movie promises all manner of culture clash and generational conflict, with enraged fathers, stoned buddies and an ex-lovers of his girlfriend all complicating Aziz’s life.

We don’t have an Aussie release date for Halal Daddy as yet, but it looks like a fun comedy to keep an eye (fillet) out for.