OK, so it’s fair to say that after all of those successful cartoons, a marketing motser and Michael Bay’s movies Optimus Prime is quite the superstar. But is he becoming a bit precious?

Footage has, erm, “leaked” from on-set of Transformers: The Last Knight, showing him giving grief to his poor dialogue coach. Although admittedly she’s giving him a bit of a tough time too. Stars only have so much patience, you know?

Of course it’s all in good fun, as production of the fifth of Bay’s flicks based on the toys, Transformers: The Last Knight, winds up.

Still, O.P.’s robo-tantie could be more understandable considering the plot of the movie. He discovers that his home planet of Cybertron is now dead – and it’s all his fault. Oops. Can one giant robot/truck find the resources necessary to reignite his planet? If so, at what cost? After all, it looks like Earth is the key, and the humans and Transformers are at war. He’s swamped!

Transformers: The Last Knight, starring Optimus Prime (or “Octopus Prime”, according to our nephew at three-years-old – bless him), Mark Wahlberg, Anthony Hopkins, Stanley Tucci, Laura Haddock, Josh Duhamel and John Turturro has a planned late-June release.

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