Some special effects in movies are pretty obvious – it doesn’t matter how many casting calls you may send out for real life Transformers, you’re not going to have one wander in off the street. Some effects in Wolverine’s latest, Logan, are obvious – but there are many that you’d likely never spot.

Those deadly adamantium claws ripping through some hired goon’s head? You better believe that’s a special effect. But the likes of skies, trees and fences? Many of them also only exist in the digital world.

Basically any scene can contain anything that a director’s fertile little mind can dream up. Depending upon the director, that’s either an exciting or sobering thought…

Rising Sun Pictures is just one effects – or VFX – company that worked on Marvel’s Logan. Below is a really cool example of many of the effects that they worked on, as the breakdown shows shots before and after the magic is applied.

Warning: If you haven’t experienced Logan yet then there are some major spoilers and violence in this clip.

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