Where is the winsome rom-com queen who won hearts and set the box office alight in When Harry Met Sally (1989), Sleepless in Seattle (1993) and You’ve Got Mail (1998)?

A familiar face throughout the ’80s and ’90s, Ryan could also be seen in Top Gun (1986), Innerspace (1987) and, er, Amityville 3-D (1983), although now, her cosmetically altered appearance may not be so familiar.

Not that we get to see it. Aside from a few indie films and TV pilots, the former superstar has retreated from the spotlight. Is it because Jennifer Aniston and Katherine Heigl started stealing roles from her?

Not quite. Motherhood and a desire to direct have kept her out of sight. Moreover, Ryan has never been fond of the cult of celebrity. “If I started my career today, I wouldn’t have a chance,” she told Vanity Fair in a 2016 interview, describing herself as “a terrible celebrity.”

You’re also not going to find her on Twitter and Instagram. “Social media has changed things,” she added. “It’s so vast and big, I couldn’t handle the constant attention and the judging.”