It’s hard to believe that actor and martial arts star Steven Seagal is almost 70 years old now!

Born in America’s Midwest, Seagal gained martial arts cred after moving to Japan in the early ‘70s, becoming the first foreigner to operate an aikido dojo in the country.

Returning to the US, he launched his career as an action star, making his big screen debut with Above the Law in 1988, followed by Hard to Kill (1990), Marked for Death (1990), Out for Justice (1991) and fan-favourite Under Siege (1992).

Prior to that, Seagal worked behind the scenes on film sets as a martial arts instructor, including ‘unofficial’ 007 movie Never Say Never Again (1983), where he accidentally broke Sean Connery’s wrist.

Under Siege

Known for taking himself way too seriously, after his initial flurry of film hits, most of his projects went direct-to-video and Seagal found himself floundering in the world of reality TV in between recording two albums and touting ‘therapeutic oil” products and energy drinks.

Known for his outspoken political views and support of Vladimir Putin, he has enjoyed both Russian and Serbian citizenship since 2016, two years later being appointed as Russia’s “special envoy to the US.”

Indeed, Seagal’s relationship with war and peace is a strange one. An ardent Buddhist, he nevertheless boasts a large sword and gun collection, and previously worked as a representative for a Russian firearms manufacturer.

He has also fathered seven children from four relationships, including two from his three-year marriage to actress Kelly LeBrock (Weird Science).

The last few years have seen rumours circulating that Seagal will reprise his debut role of Nico Toscani in sequel Above the Law 2, but so far it’s been all quiet on the production front. Now that would be a comeback!

Above the Law

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