If Screen Junkies let themselves loose on your movie in their ongoing Honest Trailers series, you’re likely to end up skewered. Wonder Woman proves an exception, however. Well mostly…

As always, on top of being rather amusing, the Screen Junkies guy with the couldn’t-be-more-epic voice has a lot of poignant stuff to say. Just this time it isn’t all bad.

“Now, Patty Jenkins bravely asks the question, ‘What if a female-led superhero movie wasn’t absolute garbage from beginning to end, and had a powerful message for girls?'”

If you haven’t seen Wonder Woman yet then MAJOR SPOILERS ALERT. But if you have, you’re sure to revel in this. There’s even a Great Hollywood Chris-Off update!

Meanwhile, Wonder Woman is available today on DVD, Blu-ray and 4K Ultra HD. Check out STACK‘s review here.

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