On the face of it, the job title “script supervisor” sounds pretty straightforward – you wrangle scripts, right? But no, it’s actually a lot more involved than that.

For possibly the most important part of the script supervisor’s role is to be eagle-eyed about continuity.

We go nuts when we spot props moving around on TV or in a movie – like young Fred Savage’s red Ferrari in The Princess Bride – or actors being in different poses from shot to shot, and it’s up to the script supervisor to nip it in the bud.

The video just below from Vanity Fair offers superb insight into the role, giving us examples of the sorts of things that have to be looked out for (and some very average acting as a bonus).

It’s presented by Martin Scorsese’s script supervisor Martha Pinson, who we reckon is an absolute goddess.

Check out some of Martha’s work at JB Hi-Fi.