Our YouTubing superstar pals Joe Sugg and Caspar Lee (AKA Jaspar) are hitting the road again – this time they’re driving across the States with the BBC and it’s all documented for us to enjoy in Joe & Caspar Hit The Road USA – yee-haw!

Just hours after landing in Sydney, we got on the blower and spoke to the lads about the travels and challenges they encountered on their road trip…. Oh, and that’s ‘challenges’ in the literal sense – the cheeky heads at BBC gave them hilarious dares to fulfill throughout the journey.

Q1/ With Hit The Road USA being your second movie, are you skilled BBC production-ninjas now, handing out advice to the crew?

Caspar: The crew jumped right in on this trip and were very comfortable. We learned so much last time, in regards to what energy we could bring and getting direction from Brian (he still knows best), but this time we did give him pointers and shared what we knew would be best for our audience.

Q2/ Do you think involving the crew so heavily gives the film an unusual perspective?

Joe: Yes – breaking the fourth wall *laughs* we love it when that happens! It’s mostly organic and great for comedic effect. The crew are all such characters anyway and even off camera they’re all so hilarious – especially John the sound man…


[Caspar giving John the soundman a little cuddle]

Q3/ Yes, John the sound man, he was a bit of a surprise legend in the film – was his part planned?

Caspar: No, it wasn’t planned at all. He just went along with it as things started happening. The scene at NASA [for example] we broke the moon buggy – things like that were not planned at all, so we were not expecting some of the events… and John really hurt himself!

Joe: We were supposed to have a full on, dramatic, Top Gear style race with the moon buggy at NASA but Caspar went first and broke it. I didn’t even get a go!

Caspar: When we looked back at it in the editing suite we were like “Oh my word, it’s worked out so much better.”


[If you look closely, you can spot John the sound man stacking it in back corner :)]

Q4/ So… you broke NASA?

Joe: Yeah, we still owe them 2 million dollars.

Q5/ Were there any disastrous challenges that didn’t make the cut?

Caspar: Umm, not a challenge perse, but we had this amazing experience with alligators and an airboat near New Orleans that was really, really cool… it’s something exciting to have as a bonus in the DVD extras though.

Joe: Every single eating challenge in general for me, I found tough – I’m not the biggest guy around, so I found it very hard.

Q6/ The burger you ate was gigantic! How long did that take to consume?

Joe: Oh my word…

Caspar: It’s all a bit of a blur to me right now. I ate way too much the whole trip.


[Note the size of Joe’s left-over burger on the right, compared with Caspar’s empty plate – blugh]

Q7/ How did you find the White Stallion Dude Ranch?

Joe: Oh, if I wasn’t a YouTuber or a roof thatcher I would 100 per cent move to Arizona and be a cowboy. I’ve never ridden a horse before in my life and I had to learn in about five minutes. At one stage, my horse started cantering, trying to keep up with Caspar’s horse – they were obviously best mates – and, oh my word. I’ve never been in so much pain… I probably can’t have kids now.


[Cowboy Joe lassoing himself]

Q8/ Did you find the result of the cheerleading challenge unfair given Chelsea the cheerleader’s obvious fart?

Joe *outraged*: I know! It wasn’t me. You can tell when you watch it back; it is so NOT one of my farts!

Q9/ What would be the ultimate challenge you’d give each other?

Caspar: Hmm.. the ultimate challenge I’d give Joe would be for him to get a tattoo.

Joe: Anything out of Caspar’s comfort zone… I’d get him to multitask and film it – he’s rubbish at multi-tasking.

Q10/ Will there be a Joe & Caspar Hit The Road Australia? [pleeease!]

Caspar: We are definitely hoping to do another one and Australia is the next untapped place for us to travel to. There are cool people here. [Yaaas!]

Without giving too much away, the film ends with one (or both) of the lads dressed as a lady, doing lady things. You’ll be floored at how damn good Joe looks in a frock and when asked why we didn’t see any footage of legs being waxed, Joe commented:

Joe: Oh, that’s going to be a bonus feature on the DVD; the entire leg-waxing event. Amazingly, neither me or Caspar have given any of the footage or a photo away. Even our closest friends haven’t seen any of it!

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