Here are some very good reasons why you should think before you ink. For a very sobering (read: hilarious) reminder of what can go wrong without the right artist, here is our collection of tatts from the dark side…

Why it’s C-3PO in a Victorian hat and wig.

Size matters not… unless it’s a whopping great tatt of Yoda looking like a little old lady covering your entire leg.

Nothing says “I love Darth Vader” like roses.

Ah, the ol’ Stormtrooper spanking Captain Kirk’s bottom piece.

“I didn’t know there was this much orange in the whole galaxy!”

When you can’t decide who your fave Disney character is.

That’s no moon… oh, yes it is.


This would have been pretty cool for a week or two in 2013.

A lovely Wookie family portrait.

“Look what I drewed mummy”.

Patriotic fandom.

May the Force be with you.