Lefthanded? Well, happy International Lefthanders Day! You’ll be pleased to know that you’re in good famous company, too, as this list of some of our fave movie mollydookers attests…

Keanu Reeves
Lefthanders - Keanu Reeves

Emma Thompson
Lefthanders - Emma Thompson

Hugh Jackman
Lefthanders - Hugh Jackman

Whoopi Goldberg
Lefthanders - Whoopi Goldberg

Morgan Freeman
Lefthanders - Morgan Freeman

Jennifer Lawrence

Owen Wilson
Lefthanders - Owen Wilson

Tina Fey
Lefthanders - Tina Fey

Seth Rogen
Lefthanders - Seth Rogen

Milla Jovovich
Lefthanders - Milla Jovovich

Dan Aykroyd
Lefthanders - Dan Aykroyd

Scarlett Johansson
Lefthanders - Scarlett Johansson

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