Christmas is a happy time…That is until you can no longer put off the dreaded Christmas shopping and you become just one of the many sardines packed into the tin can called a shopping centre.

But we’re here to help! There’s no doubt that JB Hi-Fi will be one of the go-to stores for Christmas gifts, and shopping doesn’t have to be a hassle if you follow some of these handy tips.


1. Prepare
Make a list and check it twice before you even think about entering the store. No need to be wandering aimlessly through the crowd if you know exactly what you’re after. And if you can’t find it on display, the staff will be relieved to discover you actually know the title.

Pick-ups are also available at a majority of stores. If you fill up your JB Hi-Fi online cart a couple days before your big Christmas shop, you can choose to pick up and pay for your items right there and then, resulting in just a quick in-store dash. Just make sure you wait for the confirmation that they have the stock ready before you head in, to avoid disappointment.

2. Which brings us to… Aimlessly walking around the store
If the problem you’re having with Christmas shopping is that you can’t decide on presents, maybe not preparing is the way to go. Sometimes your eyes will spot something you never knew existed, and suddenly that’s the one – the very gift that particular person needs!

Shopping for a games fan? Take a stroll through the gaming section. Shopping for a tech geek? Gander at the incredible tech area. You never know what might catch your eye, and the staff may be able to offer a fantastic suggestion if they find you scratching your head.


3. Research
In need of some giftspiration? The JB website is the one-stop web shop catering to your needs, even if you don’t really know what you need. It has a wonderfully helpful gift guide but if you want a little more independence, there’s a heap of great links to follow. In the navigation menu you can find a huge array of different drop-downs to break down the categories. From making sure you get the newest gadgets to finding a specific genre of music – it’s all there at your fingertips.

If you find something you know they like, there are some helpful recommendations on the sidebar. Not only can you search for titles, you can find people too. Is your niece a huge Chris Pratt fan? Chuck his name in the search bar and pick up an odd film that he starred in like Her or Bride Wars. Lastly, you can also check out a few listicals on the STACK site that will assist you in choosing the perfect present.

4. Check the bargain bins and stickers
Oh the beloved JB bins, they’re usually such a mess but they do the job so well. Should you come across a perfect title in the bins, it’s likely that it’s either under $10 or a part of a collective sticker sale. Should it have a ‘2 for $30’ sticker on its cover, why not treat yourself to something as well?

If you’ve managed to find a fantastic title with a sticker but can’t find another you want, the website can come into play. The navigation menu (under Movies & TV Shows) has a link to a large number of titles that also wield the sticker. It may even be a good idea to have a peek before going into the store, so you get the best possible ones. The more the merrier!


5. Early birds get the… benefit of not dealing with crowds, or something like that.
It’s no secret that getting to the stores early will allow you to miss a great deal of the Christmas shopping madness. And JB is one of those stores that will have a line snaking its way through to the back, only getting longer in the home stretch to Christmas Day.

If you know what you’re going in to get, be sure to go first thing in the morning. With no massive queues to hold you up, you can head right on back home to wrap up the gifts and spend the rest of your day relaxing. Or you could stick around a little longer and see what else is on offer.

Bonus. Catch up on reading
If, for some crazy reason, you didn’t follow any of these tips, there’s no doubt you’ll be spending a fair amount of time in the cashier line. To make the most of your time, grab a copy of STACK Magazine as you enter JB – it can help out with further gift ideas, it’s a great read, and if you’re stuck in a queue that’s moving at a snail’s pace, the time will pass so much more quickly.