He’s hot, cute, funny and 38 this week! But you know all that… here are a few things you might NOT know about Chris Pratt.

He used to work as a male stripper

Unfortunately, we have no video footage or photos of Star-Lord shimmying about in a leather G-string and sequin nipple tassels, but we do have our imagination… yup – there it is.

And I’m back.

Oh, I did find this clip of him on The O.C. though!

He got discovered while working at a Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. restaurant

Director Rae Dawn Chong was waited on by Pratt in Hawaii and cast him in her low-budget horror comedy film, Cursed Part 3.

Chris and his wife Anna Faris share a love for dead bugs

The adorable pair have their own collection of dead bugs… and have done since before they met. What are the chances?

He’s a master at gaining or losing weight for a role

In Delivery Man (2013) Pratt gained a whopping 27 kilos for his character portrayal of Brett.

Parks and Recreation’s Andy Dwyer was meant to be a temporary character

Chris gained plenty of positive feedback for his role (and charmed the show’s producers), which ensured the quirky character got a permanent position in the series. Check out his hilarious audition film.

 He learned to play baseball for Moneyball (2011)

Hefty training sessions with professional baseball players in preparation for the gig guaranteed Pratt delivered an utterly realistic performance of Scott Hatteberg on the pitch. As the movie was true to life he even learned to bat left-handed!

He was the school class clown

In addition to being a wrestling and football star, it’s no surprise that he was known for being a clown in class at high school, too. He was apparently known for his Michael Jackson impression.

He’s a muso

If you’ve watched Parks and Recreation or Five Year Engagement (2012) you’ll have witnessed his guitar and singing skills.

Here’s a reminder… swoon.

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Bonus video, Chris Pratt through the ages: