They fight, they bite, they bite and fight and bite, fight-fight-fight, bite-bite-bite… Yes, it’s The Itchy & Scratchy Show, it’s always a highlight of The Simpsons, and it thrives on terribly great puns for its titles. Here are some of our favourite movie title rips from throughout the history of this cat and mouse duo – plus some totally “Well, duh!” explanations…


Field of Screams

Originally: Field of Dreams
Episode: Like Father, Like Clown (The Simpsons Season 3)
The one where: Itchy and his son play catch with Scratchy’s head.


Dazed and Contused

Originally: Dazed and Confused
Episode: The Front (The Simpsons Season 4)
The one where: Itchy and Scratchy played relatively nice due to Abe Simpson’s whining. Ow! Hee-hee-hee…


Spay Anything

Originally: Say Anything
Episode: Cape Feare (The Simpsons Season 5)
The one where: Scratchy goes all James Bond trying not to lose his dangly things. Obviously ‘Neuter Anything’ wouldn’t have worked…


Planet of the Aches

Originally: Planet of the Apes
Episode: Bart of Darkness (The Simpsons Season 6)
The one where: Scratchy is discovered several millennia from now, and is saved by telekinetic Itchy descendants. Briefly.


Skinless in Seattle

Originally: Sleepless in Seattle
Episode: Bart Sells His Soul (The Simpsons Season 7)
The one where: Itchy attacks a lovelorn Scratchy with the Space Needle.


Esophagus Now

Originally: Apocalypse Now
Episode: Lisa the Vegetarian (The Simpsons Season 7)
The one where: Scratchy has no stomach for a “steak” dinner…


From Here to Infirmity

Originally: From Here to Eternity
Episode: HOMR (The Simpsons Season 12)
The one where: Itchy and Scratchy are kissing on a beach – and we see behind the scenes.


Butter Off Dead

Originally: Better Off Dead
Episode: Little Girl in the Big Ten (The Simpsons Season 13)
The one where: A cow has Farmer Scratchy, leading to “I Can’t Believe It’s Not Scratchy!” butter.