‘King-Size Homer’, a classic seventh season episode of The Simpsons, has been reduced to 16-bits in a very cool animation from Brazilian pixel artist Mauri Helme.

The original episode of The Simpsons saw Homer scarfing anything containing calories like an absolute fiend to hit 300 pounds (around 136kg). Why? He discovered that he’d be declared disabled, thus being able to work from home in future. While he rocked a seriously funky muumuu, it obviously wasn’t great for his health. Still, Homer’s binging did introduce us to Dr. Nick Riviera’s all-important ‘Nutrition Pyramid’ (that number again? 1800-DOCTORB).

Dr. Nick's nutrition pyramid

This ace tribute features Homer in the sky (no diamonds though), chowing down on donuts while drifting past various Springfield landmarks such as the tyre fire, the statue of Jebediah Springfield and, of course, Lard Lad. Oh, and Kang and Kodos pop by, too. ZAP!

Anyway, enough talk, here it is in all of its wondrous cholesterol-oozing glory…



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