With so many songs nowadays being collaborations, we reckon it’s high time that the games industry gets with the programme.

Sure there’s been the odd inspired pairing, such as the coming together of the wonderful world of Nintendo’s Mario with the wacky world of Ubisoft’s rabbids in Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle (with another on its way in Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope) or with Sonic and friends in Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020, but generally games tend to stick to their own worlds.

Here are some of our ideas for possible mashup match-ups – let us know yours on our socials.


Rayman + ARMS

Game mashups 1

Hey, look at what the little guy has managed to accomplish without even possessing limbs to connect his hands, feet and head to his bod! So, can you imagine what incredible biffo he could get up to if he actually had some?


Banjo-Kazooie + Gitaroo Man

Game mashups 2

We’d be up for some alternating riffage and Deliverance-styled twangity-twanging in this platforming rhythm game with a difference – and likely very few teeth.


Portal + Mortal Kombat

Game mashups 3

OK, so just the thought of ‘Portal Kombat’ was enough to inspire this one, but popping in and out of various portals to find slippery opponents and finish them? Fun!


Shovel Knight + Dig Dug

Game mashups 4

Respect to little Dig Dug for doing all that heavy labour on his own with that not very pointy implement – and with the dangers of Fygars and Pookas ever looming! It’s about time that he got some dirt-digging help, don’t you think?


L.A. Noire + The Wolf Among Us

Game mashups 5

They call Los Angeles “LA-LA Land” anyway, so why not let the fairy tale world of Telltale’s adventure combine with the cool investigative city-trawling of Rockstar’s detective actioner?


Forza Motorsport + Mario Kart

Game mashups 6

Just imagine hooning down Conrod Straight at Bathurst in your Toad-mobile and letting a red turtle loose to snatch victory right before the finishing line. Damn, we want it now!


Uncharted + Mappy

Game mashups 7

Hey, with a cop mouse named Mappy on your team, just think of all the extra time Nathan Drake could spend playing Crash Bandicoot at home on the couch instead of, presumably, charting. That truncheon could come in handy, too.


Pac-Man + Dr Mario

Game mashups 8

Come on, who doesn’t call them “power pills” as they make Pac-Man go “Gulp!” and head straight for the blue ghosts? This way you’d have a certified medical professional on-hand to make sure that you don’t OD…


Burnout + Firewatch

Game mashups 9

OK, so it’s just here because the two titles go together rather neatly thematically. But still, bush-bashing your way to fires Burnout-style with heaps of flashing lights could totally rock.


Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater + Snake

Game mashups 10

Just like Indiana Jones, we bloody hate snakes. So, our theory is that with the snake-eating Solid one on-hand we’d have nothing to fear – and, we guess, no use for our Nokia phones other than as, well, phones!