Only two days out from the commencement of E3 2018!

While there’s only two sleeps to go, it’s time to get excited about a couple of sequels on the show floor at E3 this year as part of our seven day countdown.

1.The Last of Us Part II

More Joel and Ellie? Yes please. We barely know anything about the upcoming Last of Us sequel from Naughty Dog, and the only trailers we’ve seen show a truly gritty tale. What’s happened since the end of the first game? Hopefully we’ll find out more at Sony’s press conference, and with any luck even get a chance to go hands-on with the new game. Time will tell.

2. Red Dead Redemption 2

Easily one of the biggest games of all time, the first Red Dead Redemption is now eight years old. It’s about time we saw a sequel, and anticipation for RDR2 is properly through the roof. With a release date now set in stone for the end of October, you can bet your trusty steed there will be a lot of noise about this one at this year’s E3. We can’t wait to see it for ourselves.

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