Three days to go until blast-off!

With mere hours now until we hit the ground in LA, here’s the latest in our countdown to E3 – three of the most predictable things you’ll see at the show.

1.A trailer with a helicopter crash in it

This is a certainty and the record was set in 2014 where four trailers over the course of the press conferences and the show featured a dramatic helicopter crash scenes replete with a rotating descending aircraft, the inevitable explosion when it hits the ground, spinning broken rotor blades, radio transmission screams and the culmination of the shattered carcass of said copter sliding to a halt in a shower of sparks before the games’ title explodes across the screen accompanied by a thunderous bass drum. You can occasionally substitute the helicopter with a space craft.

2. A new zombie IP

Like the myriad of mobile sausage sizzles set up outside of the West Hall of the Los Angeles Conference Center as gamers start pouring out towards the end of the day, there will undoubtedly be an announcement of a new zombie game that will find a unique infection twist and manage to convince us all that this is actually a brand new concept we’ve never seen before.

3. First-timers who go hard on the night before it all starts

It only took one show for us to realise that you just can’t do an E3 and expect to maximise your content opportunities with a hangover of biblical proportions. Staring at a flashing screen in a stifling hot booth for 20 minutes is enough to make anyone feel queasy let alone those who were still slamming tequila down the hatch at 3am. Any given morning you will stroll into the many toilets at the Convention Center to be greeted by the unmistakable strains of the vomit orchestra. E3 is hard enough as it is without throwing in a hangover.

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