Start, start, start the party – here are a few games to get everyone up and about this NYE. 

Once people start getting a little on the tipsier side, it would be best to stay away from the VR headsets. Once you’ve locked everything in a child-proof cabinet, you’re good to go.

Mario Party

Let’s face it – everyone’s got a copy of at least one of the Mario Party games. They’re always great for a laugh, and super easy to pick-up-and-play.

Mario Kart

Mario Kart is never a bad idea, because you never have to show anyone how to play, and the only fights that ever start are over who’s going to play as Yoshi.

Just Dance

Please make sure you have enough room for everyone to fit into the console camera – aside from that you’re good to go. Guaranteed dancefloor fillers are anything by Justin Bieber or Iggy Azalea. Doesn’t matter the quality of the song – it’s the moves that count. Trust me.

Wii Party

Another one of those games that everyone just seems to have a copy of, dust off the old Wii  (or make use of your Wii U virtual console) and crack out Wii Party; Wii Sports‘ less-dangerous little brother, as there are fewer motion controller-throwing activities included.