It’s a fair assumption that the majority of flesh and bone game protagonists have dads, and many actually are dads. With Father’s Day not far off, here are five prominent video game big daddies.

God of War

Kratos (Kid: Atreus)
God of War (2018)
Having previously been tricked into slaughtering both his first wife and daughter Calliope, the big guy makes some amends with his son, imparting the tricks of his trade.

The Last of Us

Joel (Kid: Sarah)
The Last of Us (2013)
Joel was a good dad, leading an active life with his soccer-loving daughter until the day that the infected came. Sarah died, but never strays far from Joel’s thoughts.


Pac-Man (Kid: Baby Pac-Man, Jr. Pac-Man)
Baby Pac-Man (1982), Jr. Pac-Man (1983)
Here’s a Pac-scandal, as both these games – and thus these two kids – were illegitimate! Made in the USA without Namco’s permission, we hope Pac-Man’s a good dad regardless.

Red Dead Redemption

John Marston (Kid: John “Jack” Marston Jr.)
Red Dead Redemption (2010), Red Dead Redemption II (2018)
Having lost his own father at age eight, John manages to shield young Jack from his more nefarious actions – with a little help from the “uncles” and “aunts” of the gang.

Donkey Kong

Donkey Kong (Kid: Donkey Kong Jr.)
Donkey Kong Jr. (1982)
When not busy kidnapping princesses and hurling barrels at plumbers, DK found time to bring up his little guy right – so right that he comes to dad’s rescue when needed.