Disclaimer: I have over 200 hours on The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Yeah, it’s bad. No, I don’t have any regrets. And yes, I am stupidly excited that it’s getting re-released.

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Here are a few things I’m going to make sure I do this time ’round – take note, or you may fall victim to the same fates.

Not kill Shadowmere or Lydia

I know, right. I didn’t think it was possible either. Lydia perished in some dungeon about midway through my journeys. It was sad. I never took another companion in memory of her. And yeah I managed to kill the horse you get from the Dark Brotherhood quests by testing how high I could jump off a mountain and live.

Not take on the Giants before I’m ready

Yeah, I got ‘sent to the moon by giants’. It was a case of ‘Hey look, giants! I wonder if they’ll attack me!’ Naivety is a curse.

Turn on all the mods humanly possible

Being a console gamer, I’ve never really had the chance to mod anything. Now we can. Dunkey is my inspiration.

Actually use spells instead of just swords

I vow to not neglect the Dark Arts in favour of swords and shields this time ’round.

Shout at things/people/everything

Fus-ro-dah was vastly underused in my first playthrough – it won’t be in Skyrim SE.

Collect all the sets of armour and weapons – of everything

Probably 150 of my 200 hours in this addictive game were spent either gathering or crafting one of every armour and weapon set. I’m not kidding. All of my houses are filled with all the stupid quest-exclusive weapons and armour, and complete sets of Dragonborn, Daedra, and Falmer, and everything in between. It’s totally embarrassing.

Take advantage of horse physics

You can climb anything if you have a horse. Take my word for it.

Join all the clubs

I have made it my mission to join (again) as many guilds/alliances/races as humanly possible. Here comes an Imperial Khajit from the Thieves Guild that also happens to moonlight as a werewolf (not a vampire ’cause they suck).