In case you were unaware, Arkane Studios is releasing Prey in a couple of months. 

The folks that brought us the brilliant Dishonored series have a new IP on the way, and last week we were lucky enough to go hands-on with the first hour of the game.

Be warned – we do talk about important plot points here, so if you’re avoiding any and all spoilers then stay away. There’s some stuff we left out because you just have to experience it for yourself (IT’S STILL IN THE VIDEO), but there are some minor inclusions.

Seriously. Spoilers.

Now that we’ve got that out of the way, here are a couple of things we learnt:

It’s essentially separate from the original Prey IP

The Prey IP that Human Head studios cultivated is pretty much nowhere to be seen in Arkane’s iteration – aside from the fact that we (the humans) are the Prey.

Wheely chairs are terrifying

Prey introduces an enemy known as Mimics. They can transform into any loose object found in a room, and will jump out and attack you at any given moment. That cup on the desk there could be your undoing. Watch your back. Shoot everything. Paranoia is your new best friend.

The GLOO Gun is super helpful

Pretty early on in the game you’re given access to a GLOO Gun. You can use it to freeze/immobilise enemies, close holes that might be spilling out hazardous substances, or use it to traverse the landscape. We had heaps of fun with the latter, and then realised just how many places you can go with only the GLOO Gun – meaning we probably missed just as many along the way.

The skill tree is huge

The skill system in Prey revolves around the use of Neuromods – enhancements that make you a better Yu. When you open up the skill tree to use one of these mods, it’s clear to see just how much room for customisation there is. You know what they say about great power…

Morgan crosses her legs if she’s a girl

Not sure if this applies if you elect to play as a boy, but we thought it was a nice touch. (If you didn’t know, you can choose your gender.)

Everyone just leaves passwords lying around

The beauty of Talos I is that you can fulfill your inner stickybeak and go delving into your colleagues’ emails. In the age of password protection and maximum security, it is so nice of them to leave their passwords written on sticky notes taped to their screens. How thoughtful.

The sound and music design is impeccable

We have on good authority (from no less than Raf Colantonio, Arkane Co-Creative Director himself) that the soundtrack was curated by an Aussie. Mick Gordon, no less, who you’ll recognise from DOOM. It’s super creepy – be warned.

You can pick stuff up and probably use it for crafting/etc later

In true Bethesda Game Studios fashion, there’s a tonne of stuff lying around (even apart from ammo and weapons) that will be used later for crafting things, as we can see in the random scattered machines lying around that are presumably ‘broken’. Unfortunately, we didn’t get to play far enough in that we saw how these would be used, but it just adds to the intrigue.

Prey, from what we’ve played so far, looks like it’s going to be another hit for Arkane. The hour that we got to play through had us dreading what was going to show up around every corner, hitting coffee mugs with wrenches, and just being genuinely paranoid. In saying that, we can’t wait to see what the power (Neuromod) progression system lets us do later in the game, as it’ll be fun to fly around outside the station and have the eventual mission progression choice that is the cornerstone of the Dishonored games. At this point, it’s pretty safe to say we can’t wait for May 5.

Keep an eye out for a more in-depth look at Prey in the May issue of STACK.

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