If you’re one of the lucky folks who’ve already got their hands on a Nintendo Switch console, we have some tips for you. 

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First of all, don’t eat the cartridges. Presumably to prevent babies/toddlers swallowing the Switch’s game cards, Nintendo has coated them with an unpleasant-tasting substance, making sure they’re off-putting to have in your mouth. Of course, that meant a whole bunch of people went and did the exact opposite – but it’s essentially akin to the psychology of a “wet paint” sign, right?

Secondly, don’t put skins on your console or controllers. A few punters over the weekend (first reported by Polygon) tried to skin their newfound hardware, and upon removal realised the adverse effects of the adhesives on the surface. If you’re looking to keep your hardware in pristine condition, you might have to keep it stock.

Finally, if you’re having trouble with your Joy-Con connectivity, you might want to move your fishtank. No, really. Nintendo have suggested that things like fishtanks, microwaves and smartphones could be having a negative impact on the console receiving the Bluetooth signal from the left controller specifically, so watch out for that. Hopefully it isn’t your phone that’s causing the problem, ’cause the Switch smartphone app is super handy.