It’s PUBG day! To celebrate, our mate PTesh has put together a few tips to ease you into the game.

1. Grab a pan!

If you see a pan, you best pick it up. It can quite literally save you a few shots to your butt; you’d be surprised by the amount of times a bullet dings into the back of your pan instead of you. Trust me when I say a pan is your best friend. It also makes a nice ‘doink’ sound if you get a kill with it.

2. Run faster!

Quite a few people that are new to the game wouldn’t know, but by pressing ‘X’ (unless you’ve rebinded your unequip key) you can place your weapon on your back, allowing you to run faster. Very helpful in the off chance the blue wall of death is on your tail. Or you need to ‘nope’ the heck out of a red zone that just spawned right on top of you. Damn RNG…

3. Med Up!

Pick up as many medical supplies as you can. Just like the pan, they are your best friend! Except you can’t kill people with your medical supplies for a sweet ‘doink’ sound. Sucks, I know. What also sucks, however, is getting shot over and over and running out of medicine. So make sure to pick up as much as you can to heal when you need it. It doesn’t hurt, too, to have some spare to hand out to your squad! It’s also great to pre-med yourself when you know you’re about to get into a fight (especially the final battle), or need a boost to run away from the blue. Just don’t pick up 30 bandages, you don’t need that many. No one needs that many…

4. Lean!

Using your lean feature is so very helpful; it’s binded by default to ‘Q’ (to lean left) and ‘E’ (to lean right). Understanding how to use this feature and getting better with it can help you change the outcome of gun fights. Practice makes perfect!

5. Avoid Tunnel Vision

This is something that gets people killed quite often. Remember that you’re dropped into an island with 99 other players trying to kill you. So if you’re lucky enough to get the bounce on someone, try not to spend a solid minute looting their body; learning how to quickly manage your inventory can be key to survival. Another example of avoiding ‘Tunnel Vision’ is when you’re engaged with an enemy, and forget that there is a Blue Zone timer at the bottom right of your screen above your mini-map – and only realising when you’re engulfed in it. PAY ATTENTION!

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