I’ll be cataloguing my E3 adventures as a part of an E3 Diary – here’s Part 1.

If you’re like me, you will have spent every waking moment of your existence (that you weren’t playing Overwatch) devising a plan to get to E3. ‘One year I’ll go’. Sure.

I started out at STACK two-and-a-half years ago (with work experience prior to that in 2012), and have been writing games, film and music content for them ever since. 2017 heralds a milestone in my long and perilous journey as a games journo – I’ve finally been given the privilege (burden?) of attending the conference in person this year, as opposed to sitting up, half-clothed, dreary-eyed at 4 in the morning with a laptop and a YouTube Gaming stream in front of me, surviving on nothing but coffee fumes and stale biscuits.

Every year since I started, the powers that be have said, ‘Yeah, you’ll go next year’, to the point where it became as predictable as the next Farming Simulator game. The same thing could presumably be said for this year, until at the very last minute I was told to keep the second week of June free. ‘I wonder if they’re planning me a birthday party?’

Fast-forward to today, a mere week out from the show, and it’s all starting to heat up. We’ve got our bookings in for the apparently endless numbers of publishers that have x amount of cool stuff to show us, our bags are only half packed so as to allow for the extra loot on the way home, and we’ve all taken out our sleeping pill subscriptions for the flights.

As an E3 virgin, I feel it is my moral obligation to make all the mistakes any first timer would, despite the ‘best wishes’ of my colleagues; stay up too late, overdose on energy drinks, eat awful food, wait in line instead of cutting in like any normal rude bastard.

I can’t wait to experience the chaos of E3 in the flesh for the first time, and I’m even more looking forward to being laughed at by the veterans I’ll be surrounded by. After all, it’ll be me who’s laughing when I’m on my sixth can of Mother and floating from one of the expo halls to the other. They’ll see. You’ll all see!

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