When Star Fox – or Starwing as we knew it in Australia – hit the Super Nintendo in 1993 it blew everybody away. It had crazy-fast 3D graphics – and was an ace fun on-rails shooter to boot. That tech didn’t come from Nintendo’s boffins though, it was created by a small team of teenaged Brits.

Known as Argonaut Software, these guys had previously been responsible for the home computer smash Starglider. Obsessed with 3D, they reverse engineered any system they could get their hands on in order to create 3D engines for them. When they smashed it on Nintendo’s Game Boy, and went to show it off at CES (the then equivalent of E3), Nintendo were very interested. So interested, in fact, that they flew them to Japan weeks later – and showed them the prototype SNES…

This is just part of the story that led to the creation of Star Fox and its special ‘Super FX’ 3D chip. It’s a truly fascinating one, and much more detail is delved into in the video below, created by the learned folk at People Make Games. If you have any interest in video game history then it really is a must-watch.

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