Reckon you’ve got a good photographer’s eye? You’ll be able to prove it this month with the much-anticipated arrival of New Pokémon Snap for Nintendo’s Switch. So, what’s it all about?

Pokémon Snap was a title originally released for the Nintendo 64, way back in 1999. It took a break from your usual Pokémon gaming to head more into simulation territory. Players became protagonist Todd Snap, an ace Pokémon photographer called in to help with scientific experiments on an island that had remained relatively undisturbed by humans – Pokémon Island.

Playing in the first person, you were basically on rails, snapping all manner of different Pokémon – in real-time 3D – as you went. Some were more camera-shy than others, but could be lured from hiding with snacks or aptly named ‘Pester Balls’. Once a round reached its end, photographers were judged on the quality of their work.

“The more Pokémon that players snap, the more their Photodex grows…”

New Pokémon Snap, billed as a sequel, takes this basic gameplay and expands upon it. Players will do their thing for science once again, hopping aboard NEO-ONE, their trusty hovercraft – or “travel pod”, a device that wouldn’t look out of place in the Octonauts’ collection of Gups – and setting about travelling to various uncharted islands in the Lental region, snapping as they go. The more Pokémon that players snap, the more their Photodex grows – and with more than 200 different Pokémon about, there are plenty to seek out. Once again, players are judged on how good their photographic skills are, via a four-star scale. Capture a Pokémon doing something special and it’s sure to rate four stars… right?

New Pokémon Snap

Players will travel through various environments, ranging from vast, stark deserts through to sandy beaches and richly vegetated jungle. Even venturing underwater isn’t out of the question.

Getting snap happy apparently isn’t your only task. Early descriptions of New Pokémon Snap have revealed that a phenomenon known as ‘Illumina’ has caused various Pokémon and flora in the Lental region to glow. Initially, we were told that players would be tasked with helping Professor Mirror get to the bottom of the mystery, with their photographic evidence quite possibly providing further clues. Later information has indicated that Mirror himself is behind the whole Illumina thing, and that hurling special orbs at Pokémon can change photographic outcomes.

There’s set to be more than just basic snapping at play on the photographic side of New Pokémon Snap, too. Snappers will be able to go all Photoshop on their images, with the ability to adjust such elements as zoom, blurriness and brightness. Filters, frames and stickers will also come into play, allowing players to customise their snaps to reflect their personality before sharing – and comparing – online.

New Pokémon Snap will be available from April 30, exclusively on Nintendo Switch. Pre-order now at JB Hi-Fi.