Here’s what we think of the Collective Minds Strike Packs controller mods. 

Looking for a bit of a competitive edge in gaming but don’t want to fork out for one of those fandangled, fancy, chunky controllers?

Collective Minds’ Strike Packs for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One are controller mods that you can simply clip on to your handheld device to allow for a little extra customisation. In the box you’ll find the part that clips onto the controller itself, as well as a cord you’ll need to connect in order to take full advantage of the mods; these are corded controllers, after all. They add a few paddles and buttons that can really change up how you play the game.

The Strike Packs are a great way to add an extra level of customisation to your favourite console controllers, without having to void your warranty. They offer hundreds of different mod combinations and both include tournament modes so you can use them without worry over penalty. The best part is – they simply snap on and off, meaning you’re back to your normal controller configuration in no time. It’s an unobtrusive addition that fits nicely on the back of the controller, and the cable length allows you to still sit on the couch as you would with a wireless controller.

In essence, the Collective Minds Strike Packs are a much cheaper – and equally bettering – alternative to buying an all-out devoted custom controller, with the added benefit of flexibility.

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