Are you kickstarting your own play in game streaming or content creation and looking for some advice? Hit a plateau and need a bit of guidance to take your stream to the next level? Unsure of what kit you need to make your stream a success?

Each month, STACK’s very own Agony Uncle, the Duke of Flukes, is on hand to answer any question at all about streaming and content creation. With a wealth of experience and knowledge, a great understanding of tech and the patience of a saint, let the Duke alleviate your frustrations and pave the way to stress-free streaming.

Q. Dear Duke,
My stream is starting to gain momentum. Any tips on getting sponsorship on board?
Dave C, Prahran, VIC

A. Hi Dave,
Sponsorship is amazing for your stream! It not only shows everyone looking at your stream that companies want to work with you, but it also helps financially and helps build your socials, too.

First things first: before you approach any sponsor, have a look at your socials. Take time to have a good look through them all and take out anything that isn’t relevant to you (i.e. old promotions, old retweets, etc.). More importantly, really think about what you’re posting – no one likes negativity; sponsors will deep dive your social channels before they even consider taking you on board to ensure there’s no contentious content. They’re generally looking for positive streamers who are willing to call out brands and products they like.

When you’re ready to look for a sponsor, don’t just jump at the first offer. Make sure you align with a company you’re comfortable talking about in your stream and make sure it fits with your brand. And remember, having sponsors is a huge responsibility that must be taken seriously.
Approaching sponsors can be a tough road. Most companies will have an affiliate/sponsorship program already in place and you can apply on their website or hit them up on Twitter ‑– it’s an amazing tool to get in the door of a business with.

Once you have some sponsors in mind, really think of how many you want. Having too many sponsors is a real thing and then you’ll have to add “salesperson” to your resume because as you talk about it on stream and socials, you don’t want them to be drowned out in the crowd. Personally, I would say stick with two or three.

When you have your sponsors, make sure you read the contract very carefully and don’t be afraid to ask questions (believe me, they want to make sure you understand the contract too).

Sponsors will usually require that you do regular social posts and/or attend events and such, which is fine, but also look at what you are getting out of it too. It could be product, shout-outs, money or just for the fact you’re associated with a well-known brand. Just make sure you know your worth.

If you would like to know more about sponsorships or have a general question, please pop by my stream or shoot me a message on Twitter (@DukeOfFlukes).


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