Are you kickstarting your own play in game streaming or content creation and looking for some advice? Hit a plateau and need a bit of guidance to take your stream to the next level? Unsure of what kit you need to make your stream a success?

Each month, STACK’s very own Agony Uncle, the Duke of Flukes, is on hand to answer any question at all about streaming and content creation. With a wealth of experience and knowledge, a great understanding of tech and the patience of a saint, let the Duke alleviate your frustrations and pave the way to stress-free streaming.

Q. Dear Duke,
I just started a YouTube channel where I do blind reviews – not in the literal sense – of movies, video games, theme parks, and myself. Where should I go from here? – William F

A. Hi William!

That sounds really awesome!

YouTube is a huge platform where a lot of content is consumed, especially the content you’re providing. However, you have to make sure you can direct people to it.

The easy thing to do is to make sure your content is relatable to a broader audience, and always have a level of entertainment to keep them coming back for more. Also, it’s imperative that you ask people to subscribe in the videos. This may feel repetitive, but it’s very important to do – you need that audience to keep coming back.

After you’re comfortable with the content, make sure you start branching out to other social media. Try grabbing a small clip from your latest video and posting it on Twitter, Instagram, Instagram Stories, etc, and add appropriate hashtags to help people easily find your content. The same with the YouTube videos – ask if people like it and if they do, suggest to them to retweet/repost your content to help broaden your audience.

When you feel like your content is at a comfortable level of engagement, try also reaching out to businesses to see if they would like to get involved or sponsor certain videos which will help if they shout it out on their socials.

I hope this helps you in your YouTube blind reviews venture and look forward to seeing how you do in the future.

Good luck!

Keep the questions coming!

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